Friday, August 3, 2018

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Pipovers with Kapha Churna

I got it right this time, for sure... Yum!

I've made pipovers with vata churna  before, and they were delicious. But lately we eat a lot of popcorn and while I love the vata churna as a topping, my popcorn did not like it's kapha messed with, apparently.... Wasn't as good.

Didn't know what I would do, then, with the remaining kapha churna.

Skeptically, I mixed up a batch of pipovers...even omitted the usual pinch of baking powder (but it's largely the ebelskiver pan that makes them puff, anyway).

To the 6 Tbsps of flour, I added 1 tsp of the churna. I used about 1/4 cup of water plus maybe 1 Tbsp more to get the consistency I wanted.  Oil, 1 Tbsp. And yes, the 1 vegan substitute, this time (no problem here with cage-free eggs).

Tom came back home from Speckle's vet appointment just in time to get his share of 3 pipovers (yeah, that's right...4 for me!). I added blueberry preserves to them, and wow.... the ginger in the kapha churna of course really liked that.

So there will be more of that going on!

Re eggs: Look. I had parakeets that went nuts laying eggs. Some hatched. I had LOTS of parakeets. But... During all that time, I learned about that trick where you sneakily remove the eggs from the nest when the hen won't notice, and you replace them with fake plastic eggs that she happily sits on until she gets tired of that and quits.  I would then toss the real eggs out into the wild.

Sounds mean? Okay, so what would YOU do with a huge,  exponentially expanding supply of live parakeets?

My point is that I no longer felt so bad about eating eggs, at least cage-free eggs.  Although, there are reasons for choosing egg substitutes sometimes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tea For Two Feet...A Little Silly From The Heat...

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I was soakin' ma dogs in some mint tea early this mornin' and, coincidentally, the radio started playing Shostakovitch's 'Tahiti Trot,' a.k.a. Tea For Two (Vincent Youmans). So, naturally, I looked down at my feet and exclaimed, Tea For Two FEET!