Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Foot Bass To The Rescue!

I don't know why playing my foot bass makes my legs (and the rest of me) feel so much better.  But it does. This is helpful for so many reasons.

I keep saying, I need to get back to the gym....must get to the gym....and it doesn't happen.  And I know, when my membership contract expires soon, I shall be telling them to please cancel it.  I just don't manage to get there. It isn't really too far of a drive by most people's standards but it's too far for me, on a daily or almost-daily basis.  But when I have managed to get there, and do my time on the elliptical and maybe a few other machines, I've always felt better. So it's a little hard to let go, again, of that hope that I will actually make some kind of life at Planet Fitness.  But my foot bass will help ease the disappointment.

This morning, my hands were bothering me too much to play my concertina, but I set up my foot bass and spent several minutes just playing random notes all over the place.  I-IV-V over and over, oompahs and whatever...left, right, left, right, equal footing....

And wow.  MUCH better.  My legs, knees, hips, have all responded very well to playing my foot bass.  (I am one who occasionally relies on a walking stick.) I'm sure it's partly due to the movement, but I think there's also something to the pressure that the buttons of the bass put on the bottoms of the feet.  It's like...shiatsu, I guess. Even the little bit of playing I did today is still feeling nice.

So, a sad goodbye to my Planet Fitness membership.It's a wonderful place, for sure, and I would highly recommend it to someone more able to get there regularly.  No more fancy elliptical machine for me, but I'll be doing my daily workout in the corner of my house that has a foot bass. Cool. I think it's the better plan for me, as a physical workout.  And so much more musical! //

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