Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Please Stick A Tune In My Head

Usually when I say, "I've got this tune stuck in my head," I mean that I wish it was not stuck there, playing over and over like a broken record.  At least, that's how it was in days of yesteryear.

These days, however, with the national and international news being what it is, so many horror stories, tales of the inhumane and so forth, I am looking for the tune that will stick in my head.  Something else to play over and over, not just the bad news.

The tunes that are what I call "sing-songy" tend to stick, and they're also the ones that seem to have the best "finger dance" on my English concertina.  Some tunes just want to pop right off the buttons, and don't take much time to commit to memory, even if they are not as a rule the simplest of tunes.

Two of those tunes, I've been playing over and over for the past few days.  Shall continue to do so until....well, until the buttons fall off my concertina, I guess!  

So they are:  Off To California, and The Convenience Reel.  These popular traditional tunes, Irish tunes I guess, each have a few other names, too.  You can get all the details if you google them, or try searching them at thesession.org. The Session site is a great spot to learn not only a new tune but to pick up all kinds of facts and trivia about it, and you can add tunes to your very own tunebook there.  My ID at thesession.org is geranimom, a name my daughter came up with one day.

Oh yeah, that reminds me....I'll share the story behind that name, geranimom, sometime again.  

Hot and humid here, today.  Shall be drinking lots of iced coffee.   

The photo is of my little tunebook, which is really just a bunch of index cards on a ring. I glue tiny printed copies of tunes to the cards. Its gotten a bit difficult for me to even see the little black dots, lately, but I don't really need to see the tune unless I've forgotten it. My tiny copies are just to jog my memory. 

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